My Favorite Team

I'm a huge football fan, even though I don't play myself. I follow the NFL for the most part, and I also enjoy college football from time to time. Obviously, I support my Hilton Head Island team! And when it comes to college football, I'm all for South Carolina State.
It's hard not to like football when your dad coaches the high-school team. Lucky for me, he never pressured me into playing and always encouraged me to find my own favorite sports. I wasn't cut out to be a football player myself, but that hasn't stopped me from following the NFL and supporting my local team with a passion!

Game Reports

It's very important to me to be able to report on my favorite team's games from the viewpoint of a long-term fan.


Favorite Players

Football is all about teamwork, but of course there will always be MVPs and individual heroes.


Photo Gallery

I take my camera with me whenever I go to the stadium in order to capture the game from the fans' perspective.