My Activities

This section is all about my own sports activities, which include soccer, streetball and endurance running at the moment. I also tried football, baseball and martial arts in my earlier days.

Sports have always played an important role in my life, in part because I come from a family of athletes. My dad is a high-school football coach, my mom runs marathons for kicks and my grandfather even owned a small baseball franchise back in the day! With a family like that, it’s hard not to get involved in some kind of sport.

Have a look around this section to learn more about my activities.


I joined the local soccer club recently and discovered that it's not just for rich kids and sissies.


Street basketball is a great way for me to blow off steam in an informal setting.



This is my activity of choice when it comes time to go solo.



I found a soft spot for baseball at an early age, when my dad would take me to see the Hilton Head Island Devils play in our hometown.


I'm fascinated by the way my occasional training sessions instil a real sense of body control and inner peace in me.